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Arthur Cates Ltd

Your local plumbers for over 100 years!


We supply:

Plumbing supplies

  • Methven tapware and spares
  • Crox, threaded and Titan brass fittings
  • Aluminium Camlock fittings
  • Peter Cocks hot water cylinders and Nefa pressure valves
  • Caroma toilet pans and Dux cisterns
  • Pipe lagging Wool, denso tape and Aeroflex
  • Ball valves, gate valves, ballcocks, Jobe valves
  • Foot valves and swing check valves
  • Trough valves, pig and horse drinkers
  • Hose clips, clamps and saddles
  • Logfire wetback replacements
  • Butynol, glue, and solvent

Pipe and fittings

  • Polythene
  • Copper
  • Hepworth
  • Galvanised
  • Waste, soil, sewer
  • Pressure
  • Irrigation tube
  • Marley downpipe

Water pumps

  • Surface pumps: Pedrollo, Onga, Bianco
  • Sump pumps: Nocchi, Bianco
  • Submersible pump: BBC
  • Fire fighter pump: Davey
  • Water feature pumps: Eden, Bianco
  • Caravan pump: Flomaster (12 volt), Fynspray (hand pump)
  • Pressure tanks, switches and gauges


  • Butane cannisters
  • Cylinder refills up to 9kg
  • 20kg Forklift refill cylinder exchange
  • 45kg refill cylinder exchange for home and business

LPG appliances

  • Rinnai home and water heating
  • Arcotherm heaters for grain drying, heating workshops, halls, marquee's
  • Zon bird scarers, camping stoves and lights
  • Regulators, hoses and adaptors

Home irrigation

  • Impact, micro, and popup sprinklers
  • Drippers, dripline, and leaky hose
  • Sprinkler stands, fittings
  • Irrigation pipe, hose and fittings

Welding supplies

  • BOC range of welding consumables

Services available:

LPG home delivery

  • 45kg cylinders and forklift cylinders delivered within Ashburton / Tinwald

Water pump repairs

  • All brands of pumps repaired and tested

Threading galv pipe 15mm to 50mm

  • We will thread your pipe with BSP threads or supply and thread

Water system design for home, stock, gardens, dairy sheds

  • We will work out the most efficient and cost effective way to supply water as required

Portable gas appliance repairs including:

  • Zon bird scarers
  • Camp cookers and lights
  • Forced air gas heaters
  • Cabinet heaters
  • Lamb tailing docking irons
  • Calf dehorners
  • Hot water Califonts
  • Fridges
  • Weed burners
  • Cable shrink burners

Water cooler servicing

  • All brands

Home irrigation design

  • Customised to suit your water supply, plants and budget

Drinking Water treatment system design

  • Home, commercial

Hire items

  • Barbecues
  • Birdscarer
  • Large portable gas heaters