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Arthur Cates Ltd

Your local plumbers for over 100 years!


Tel : BOC - 03 308 8339

Tel : Radiators - 03 308 6440


Robinson Street

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

We supply:

Automotive radiators

  • Replacement radiators, caps, hoses
  • Antifreeze, Radiator stop leak

Sheet metal

  • Sheet copper, brass, stainless, galvanize, mesh

Welding supplies

  • BOC range of mig, tig and gas welding equipment
  • BOC range of welding consumables
  • BOC range of safety glasses, gloves, earmuffs and respirators etc

BOC Gases

  • Ashburton agent for medical and industrial gases

Services available:

Plastic welding

  • Automotive bumpers and grills
  • Motorbike plastics
  • Motorhome water tanks
  • tractor cab roofs
  • Water storage tanks
  • Calf feeders
  • Tractor fuel tanks

Automotive radiator and heater core repairs

  • All types, makes and models

Sheetmetal fabrication

  • Flashings, flue, general fabrication